Smell Like Danielle

A Friend of SFluxe has alerted us to the fact that SF resident Danielle Steele has a fabulous new website for her new perfume named… (can you guess?)… Danielle. Actually, it’s called Danielle by Danielle Steel (the “by Danielle Steel” part a clever reminder that Danielle Steel is a writer, just in case you’ve been in a coma for the last 30 years and didn’t know.)

Danielle’s Rochas gown inspired the packaging for the perfume.

Brondmo’s new venture

Hans Peter Brondmo, the successful 40-something hottie you see above, is about to launch It’s a sort of site where you collect your favorite online stuff and share it with people who presumably want to see it, and somehow it makes your life cooler and easier, and well, we don’t really know exactly what all that means because we haven’t used it yet and have no idea if it really works, but HEY — that is not the point right now.

Point number one: the company is based atop Russian Hill, and we really like that! It’s tiring to hear of all the hot start-up action congregating along the peninsula. I mean, isn’t that the suburbs? Please. Let’s get busy, San Francisco!

Point number two: isn’t it refreshing to see a wealthy internet entrepreneur who isn’t 17 and a total geek? So far, HPB is our favorite new web mogul guy!

  • Photo: Thomas Kern for Grok Magazine []
  • Article: The New Revolutionaries [The Observer, London]

Out with… Joy Bianchi

I’ve never met a Joy who wasn’t. And THIS Joy is not only a charming person, but such style. You’re really got to admire how she pulls it all together. I mean, check out the way Joy Bianchi dressed for 7×7’s “Best Of” event. Her DRINK matches her dress!


  • Photo: See more photos from this event here []

Too Chic!

Seriously, we are not obsessed with Vanessa Getty, but we just can’t help pointing it out — she is so chic! Here she is at last week’s “Helper’s Benefit”, put on by the equally chic Joy Bianchi, which raised money for Helper’s of the Mentally Retarded.

Earlier in the week, she was radiant in a black dress at the 2006 amfAR Gala.

In the shot that Drew took (above), Denise Hale is seen introducing Vanessa to Liza Minnelli. Hale told the SF Chronicle, “I told Liza she had to meet her half-sister, Vanessa.” (Denise was once married to Liza’s father, Vincente Minelli.) Liza was confused until Denise explained that Vanessa was her other protegee.

  • Photo By: Drew Altizer [Helpers Benefit]
  • Photo By: Drew Altizer [2006 amfAR Gala]

Paris Hilton in SF

If you’re reading this before Monday the 20th then you just might have time to go camp out in front of Macy’s Union Square in order to see Paris Hilton. She’ll be there at Noon to hand out her autograph as part of a promotion for her new fragrance, Heiress. The Macy’s ad says “no personal items, please.”

Think she’ll give Gavin a call while she’s in town? (As all SFluxists know, the Mayor’s phone number was in Hilton’s stolen Sidekick a few years ago.)

Diane von Furstenberg in SF


DVF (pointing), with Vanessa Getty, Andre Leon Talley and Kathryn Lasater at Saks.
(Katy Raddatz for SF Chronicle.)

He said she’s not a designer. She said he’s a “good draper.” (Meoooww!)

Things may be getting tense at Diane von Furstenberg.

While visiting San Francisco last week, the designer reacted to an unflattering comment that appeared in a recent issue of The New Yorker.

It seems that Nathan Jenden, who is creative director of von Furstenberg’s collection, told the magazine that Diane “isn’t really a designer”, and doesn’t “interfere” with him too much. He said that although Diane attends fittings and makes suggestions, she really just functions as his muse.

That was very upsetting that he said that,” said Diane, when the SF Chronicle asked her about the article. “I am a designer. Fifteen or 20 years ago I might have been shy about saying that, but now I say, yes, I am a designer. Nathan is a very good draper. He drapes really, really well. I set up the mood, the theme of the collections and the prints.”

Imagine dissing your boss in print, and then going back to work the next day? Talk about chutzpah!

Click the photo below to see the Sylvia Rubin’s report of von Furstenberg’s visit to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs opened at 2142 Fillmore Street last week. This is the fifth freestanding store for the lower priced Marc Jacobs line, which is for both men and women (the original designer line has been located at Maiden Lane for a few years.) Prices range from about $250 for a jacket, $300 for dresses, $250 for shoes.

Robert Duffy, Jacobs longtime business partner, was at last week’s opening, but the designer stayed in Paris (he doesn’t travel well, according to Duffy.) “Judging from yesterday and today, San Francisco loves us,” Duffy told the SF Chronicle.

Marketing That Matters

Hotel hottie Chip Conley will be discussing his book “Marketing That Matters” at the Book Passage on Thursday at 6PM. 1 Ferry Building, the Embarcadero at Market Street (415) 835-1020.

  • Site: Musings []

Update (Nov. 9): SFluxe attended Conley’s presentation this evening and was really inspired by his commitment to progressive social change through business. He’s such a wonderful example of what makes San Francisco San Francisco.

Larry Sultan does SF


Photo: “Sharon Wild”, from the series “The Valley,” 2001, by Larry Sultan.

The famous photographer Larry Sultan, known best perhaps for his photographs taken on the sets of California porn movies, has recenty directed his gaze toward members of the SF social set.

In an article written by Kevin West for the January issue of W magazine, Sultan photographs the following in their natural habitats:

  • Mayor Gavin Newsom and District Attorney Kamala Harris
  • Trevor and Alexis Traina
  • Gordon and Ann Getty
  • Dede Wilsey
  • Denise Hale
  • Susie Tompkins Buell
  • Jo Schuman Silver, Robert Mailer Anderson, Stanlee Gatti

Who’s That Woman?

We love the style of the woman seen on the far right, standing next to the lovely Beth Townsend at last week’s event for the UCSF Cancer Center.

She appears to be wearing Chanel, and that is always appreciated here. We’d like to give her some credit, but have no idea who she is. Anyone care to say?

  • Photos: Drew Altizer []

No Cameras, Girls!

“No cameras, please.” That’s what the ad for Macy’s upcoming “Fit, Form and Function” event says. To be held at the men’s store underwear department on Thursday the 16th, there will be music, hor d’oeuvres, cocktails and “fashion presentations.” That means men in underwear, okay? Bring crisp money. RSVP to 415-393-3724.