Paolo Trolio Makes US Debut at Coup D’Etat

The Italian artist, Paolo Troilo, recently debuted his first U.S. exhibit at Coup d’Etat, the most exceptional designer space in San Francisco.

Sponsored by Testa Vineyards, the event brought together San Francisco tastemakers such as Jack Calhoun, Stephen Brady, Gary Friedman, Joy Bianchi, Anna Weinberg, Ken Fulk, and Jamie Finegold, among others.

The exhibit will run at Coup d’Etat until May 2013.

Visit Coup d’Etat at 111 Rhode Island, or online at /

Darin Geise, Paolo Troilo, Claudia Ross, Stephen Brady

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Darin Geise, Paolo Troilo, Claudia Ross, Stephen Brady

Park Tavern Celebrates First Year

Founded by Anna Weinberg, Dave Stanton and Chef Jennifer Puccio, Park Tavern recently celebrated its first anniversary.

anna weinberg

Park Tavern’s Anna Weinberg and husband James Nicholas

Park Tavern, the wonderful North Beach restaurant that has quickly become one of the top dining spots on everyone’s list, recently celebrated its one year anniversary at a party which drew some of San Francisco’s most notables.

Joining owner Anna Weinberg, her financier husband James Nicholas and Chef Jennifer Puccio, were Park Tavern fans such as Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, Tobira Therapeutics’ CEO Andrew Hindman, football legend Joe Montana and wife Jennifer Montana, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and wife Fabiola Gascon, Texas Pacific Group’s Jerome Vascellaro, and many others.

With such a fabulous following, is there any doubt why Anna was named by San Francisco Magazine as “Restaurateur of the Year”?

“We could not have asked for a better turn out, with better friends,” Anna said. “Everyone’s support means the world to our Park Tavern family, and celebrating with everyone makes our success that much sweeter. We’re excited to kick off another great year.”

Clarissa Nicosia, Nicole Cassani, Lily Achatz, Heidi Pettit

Frankie Hueber, Victoria Yeager – Kate Morgan, Cameron Zolsaghari

Will Quist, Shona Harden, Mike Harden

Kelly Grimes, Diane Anderson – Mina Yazzi, Sonya Molodetskaya

Dan Vickrey, Kimberly Bakker, Claudia Ross, Keith Ross

Alexander Lee, Jennifer Fick, Margaret Mitchell, Matthew Kimball – David Nash, Phillip Dwelle

Dylan Mahoney, Lee Gregory, Derek Cabaniss

Heide Betz, Barbara Brookins-Schneider, Lisa Alexander – Susanne Van Hecke, Aubrey Brewster, Tom Van Hecke

Chris Gaither, Angie Silvy, Gary James

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show’s 30th Anniversary

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show celebrated its 30th annual event with a most appropriate theme “Hidden Treasures” inspired by the traditional 30th anniversary gift, the pearl.

Galerie Steinitz

Boiserie room at the Galerie Steinitz

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show celebrated its 30th annual event in 2011 with a most appropriate theme, “Hidden Treasures,” inspired by the traditional 30th anniversary gift, the pearl.

For three decades dealers from around the United and Europe have shared some of the most unique and often rather obscure antiques with collectors and admirers alike. Therien & Co. from San Francisco and Thomas Livingston Antiques from Berkeley have been part of the very first show in 1981, Foster-Gwin and Montgomery Gallery have participated since 1982.

Il Segno del Tempo<

Il Segno del Tempo

The 2011 exhibitors focused on objects with elements of surprise. Among them were Almond Hartzog Gallery, Epoca, Hackett | Mill, John Bergruen Gallery, and Xanadu Gallery from San Francisco, American Garage and Habite from Los Angeles, Anderson Galleries and R.M. Barokh Antiques from Beverly Hills, Joel Cooner Gallery from Dallas, Finnegan Gallery from Chicago, Arader Galleries, Beauvais Carpets, Carlton Hobbs, and Kentshire from New York, Janice Paull from Algarve, Portugal, Antoine Chenevi re Fine Arts Ltd. and Susan Ollemans Oriental Art from London, England, Danish Silver from Copenhagen, Denmark and Galerie Steinitz from Paris, France.

Yurie and Carl Pascarella

Lisa Grotts and John Grotts with Joan Nitis

Helen Hilton Raiser and Victoria Raiser

Dorothy and Kenneth Paige, Lucy Buchanan

Suzanne Tucker and Tim Marks

The preview gala benefitting Enterprise for Highschool Students was chaired by Michele Goss. Chef Tyler Florence, known for his timeless cuisine, a strong love for good design and a passion for youth education, served as Honorary Chair. They were supported by O.J. and Gary Shansby, Laura King Pfaff, Elizabeth and Paul Touw, Lisa and John Grotts, Jenna Hunt, Jennifer Raiser, Michelle Elizabeth Curtis, Wheeler S. Griffith, Suzanne Tucker, Kathryn Lasater, Shirley Robinson von Karl, Kendall Wilkinson Robinson, Toni Wolfson, Robert Federighi, Stacey and Ted Dobos and Amanda Wallis.

Galerie Levebre

Stacy Dobos

Gary Shansby, O.J. Shansby, Kay Woods, Frank Woods

Katie Traina, Todd Traina, Dede Wilsey, Trevor Traina

Once again everyone turned out for one of San Francisco’s favorite social events. Collectors Yurie and Carl Pascarella, Dorothy and Kenneth Paige, Helen Hilton Raiser, Dede Wilsey, Trevor Traina, Katie and Todd Traina, Therese Post, Karen and Oliver Caldwell, Claudia Ceniceros, Alison Pincus, Paula Carano, Angelique Griepp, Norah and Norman Stone, Dagmar and Ray Dolby, Sobia and Nadir Shaikh, Lindsay Bolton, Kate Harbin, Sarah and Austin Hills, Melissa and Patrick Barber, Letitia and Michael Kim, Adrianna Pope Sullivan and Bob Sullivan, Regina Callan, Alan Malouf, Ricky Serbin, Mitchell Benjamin were in attendance.

Owl with diamond eyes, gilt sterling silver seal by Leslie Durin, 1972 at Spencer Marks, Ltd. (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Also enjoying the event were architects Andrew Skurman who designed the whimsical Alice in Wonderland’ installation at the entrance, and Stephen Sutro, as well as my fellow interior designers Edward Lobrano, Pamela Babey, Matthew MacCaul Turner, Elizabeth Martin, Melanie Coddington, Jay Jeffers, Ken Fulk, Steven Miller, George Brazil, Cecilia Sagrera, Candace Barnes, Benjamin Dhong, Will Wick, Brian Dittmar and Lawanna Endonino. Jeffrey Alan Marks, Ross Cassidy flew in from Los Angeles for the occasion.

Patrick Barber and Melissa Barber

Robert Girard and Phoebe Cowles

0761-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Lisa Kieu, Karen Caldwell, Charlot Malin

Mexican Wedding Chest.jpg

Mexican wood marriage chest with iron nailheads and lockplate, 18th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Mexican Wedding Chest Open.jpg

Painting on underside of lid of Mexican wood marriage chest, 18th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Lisa Podos, Jenna Hunt, Jennifer Raiser

Paula Carano, John Capizzi, Angelique Griepp

Terje Arnesen, Jorge Maumer, Bob Federighi

Therien & Co.

David Beck.jpg

“Dodocanique” mechanical box in boxwood, ebony, brass and glass by David Beck, 2009 at Hackett | Mill (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Fred Hirth and Dr. Clara Shayevich

Norman Stone and Norah Stone

Bobby Sullivan and Adrianna Pope Sullivan

Dede Wilsey at Antoine Chenevi re

Writing Commode 2.jpg

Northern Italian writing commode, Bargamo, 17th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Writing Commode Interior.jpg

Hidden desk in Northern Italian writing commode, Bargamo, 17th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Sobia and Nadir Shaikh

0482-SFFAS-111026 4.jpg

Katherine Jacobus and Ed Lobrano

Claudia Ceniceros, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Alison Pincus

French Cabinet.jpg

Hidden keyhole in French cabinet, ca. 1935 at Carlton Hobbs (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Francoise and Andrew Skurman

1048-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Mark Calvano and Samantha Duvall

Peacock Box.jpg

Mahogany, holly and boxwood work box in the form of a peacock, Berlin ca. 1830 at Carlton Hobbs (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

1059-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Claudia Juestel and Jay Jeffers

tyler florence

Tolan and Tyler Florence

Gary Friedman and Claudia Ross

1612-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Pamely Babey and David Wing

1028-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Dorrit Egli and Elizabeth Martin

Ivory Box Closed Open.jpg

Anglo-Indian ivory miniature bureau Vizagapatam, ca. 1800 at Ronnie M. Barokh Antiques (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

marcy carmack and tim scherer

Marcy Carmack and Tim Scherer

Mary Beth Shimmon and Alan Malouf

Ken Fulk and James Rogers

1429-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Kelly Grimes, Gina Milano, Kirsten Strobel

0819-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

James Hunter, Suzanna Allen, friend, Brenda Mickel

1666-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Regina Callan, Will Wick, Jennifer Kelly, Steven Miller and friend

The lectures throughout the weekend ranged from celebrated women who wore pearls to designing with art and antiques today. My personal favorite was Dr. Geza von Habsburg’s presentation on art chambers and the collections of the royal house of Habsburg.

Dr. Geza von Habsburg.jpg

Dr. Geza von Habsburg introducing his family’s original castle

We are blessed to have had such an exquisite antique show here in San Francisco for thirty years, and connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the 2012 show. I certainly am.

Inside The Mid-Winter Gala 2011

The 2011 Mid-Winter Gala raised approximately $400,000 for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo joked on his way to the 2011 Mid-Winter Gala that the last time he wore a tux was for his junior prom. He tweeted “I think this powder blue is going to freak them out!” 

dick costolo

Dick Costolo and Loren Costolo

In such a fashion conscious setting, it was wise that Dick went dapper in a classic black 3-piece instead of wearing the 1980s prom special, and it’s a look he should probably get accustomed to. The new reality of Silicon Valley, at the highest levels, is that style matters.

marissa mayer

Marissa Mayer in Carolina Herrera with Allison Speer in Oscar de la Renta

A few prominent examples spring to mind: Google’s Marissa Mayer, with her penchant for de la Renta and Herrera, spearheading the launch of; Youtube co-founder Chad Hurley’s creation of the Hlaska line of menswear and accessories; Carol Tran’s founding of the Chic Meets Geek networking conferences; and the recent revelation that Jack Dorsey studied fashion at Apparel Arts in San Francisco before founding Twitter.

david sacks, jacqueline sacks

Yammer CEO David Sacks and Jacqueline Sacks

Chaired by Vanessa Getty, Trevor Traina, Kathryn Lasater and Allison Speer, this year’s gala (the 7th!) raised approximately $400,000 for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco by bringing together the new elite of Silicon Valley (Sacks, Mayer, Bonnie, Costolo) and the younger members of San Francisco’s Old Establishment (Getty, Wilsey, de Baubigny, Schnitzer, Thieriot), creating a mix of people that was truly invigorating.

vanessa getty

Vanessa Getty in Michael Kors

This year, the theme of the Mid Winter Gala was the legendary El Morocco nightclub, a bittersweet tribute to the recently departed John Traina, who beautifully re-created the infamous black-and-white zebra decor of the club at two of his homes. The decor by Stanlee Gatti featured the timeless chic of the zebra banquettes (which made everyone look glamorous), and the iconic El Morocco palm trees.

Trevor Traina, Alexis Traina, Allison Speer, Kathryn Lasater, Bo Lasater

trevor traina

Trevor Traina and Loren Costolo

dick costolo

Reed Woodson, Allison Speer and Dick Costolo

Elizabeth Touw

Elizabeth Touw

vandy boudreau

Patrick Herning, Vandy Boudreau and friend

Mireille Schwartz and Damion Matthews

Paula Carano, Angelique Griepp, Allison Speer, Jasmine Slovak

The event saluted the wonderful OLMEC: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico exhibit, which is open at the De Young Museum until May 8, 2011. But it was the upcoming Balenciaga and Spain that was the talk among this well-dressed crowd. One guest commented that the dresses of the evening were youthful and fun but somewhat understated. The reason for that was clear; the major statement pieces were being kept for the Balenciaga gala!

Leslie Thieriot, Summer Tompkins Walker

Nevertheless, we saw some beautiful gowns. Aside from the looks shown above, here are some of the other fashion highlights of the evening.

Connie Nielsen and Vanessa Getty

Jacqueline Sacks in Zuhair Murad

shannon bavaro

Shannon Bavaro

Elizabeth Touw in Balmain

Karen Caldwell in her own design, inspired by Balenciaga

Katie Traina in Nina Ricci

Mary Beth Shimmon with Marcy Carmack (in Lyn Devon)

Lisa Zanze

Kelly Grimes in Dolce & Gabbana

Carol Bonnie and Jeana Toney

Meredith Levy and Alice Cahan

Gina Peterson and Katie Page

Erin Hawthornthwaite

Lindsay Bolton and Brooke Reeds

Elena Madsen and Melissa Barber

Ann Ferrell Millham, Susan Dunlevy, Maryam Muduroglu

Hayla Schutt, Stephanie Plexico, Evie Simon

Linle Froeb and Kate Harbin

Victoria Raiser and Jennifer Raiser

Marissa Mayer, Sloan Barnett, Leslie Thieriot

Christie’s Los Angeles auctioneer, Andrea Fiuczynski

juliet de baubigny

Juliet de Baubigny in Andrew Gn

And as for the men, Dick Costolo wasn’t the only guy to rise sartorially to the occasion. More than a few heads were turned when these delightful duos dashed into the room!

Lindsay Bolton and Aurelian Lis

Suzanne Levit, in Karen Caldwell, with George Bolton

Shonaree Michael, Richard Lawson and Polly Lawson

Reed Woodson and Serena Perkins

Erin Cowan and Matthew Cowan

Bandel Carano and Paula Carano

Kate Sheridan Chung and David Chung

Stephanie Unger and Maxx Traina

Jessica Moment and Jason Moment

Sobia Shaikh, in Balenciaga, with Nadir Shaikh

Justin Fichelson, Cameron Phleger

Justin Fichelson and Cameron Phleger

Gus Spanos, Marta Scattini, Kimberly Miller, Michael Polenske

Ryan Simon and Evie Simon

Patrick Herning and Vandy Boudreau

John Lowenberg and Erin Lowenberg

Terri Mino, John Capizzi

Terri Mino and John Capizzi

Heather Henson and Gary Friedman

Alyson Jackson, in Karen Caldwell, with Brad Harrington and…

The best news of the evening was that Brad Harrington and Alyson Jackson, whom in 2009 we declared “the hottest young couple on the San Francisco social scene,” have announced their engagement. We wish them well!

Katie Traina, Todd Traina and Alexis Traina

Laura Rockwell and Jorge Maumer

Elizabeth Funk, Allison Speer, Deborah Lee Minor and Jim Justice

Gary Maguire, Natalie Maguire, Michelle Cardinal and Chris Cardinal

First Republic, BVLGARI, Sotheby’s, Porsche Design, and Nordstrom were the event sponsors while Grey Goose Vodka, and Swanson Vineyards were the alcohol sponsors. It was an evening not only of fashion, fun and fundraising, but also of family and enduring friendships.

Andrea Schnitzer and Elizabeth Touw

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Junior League 2010 Fashion Show

The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. Fashion Show is always a breathtaking, professionally-produced fashion show, full of excitement, and this year’s show at the Fairmont was no exception!

The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. (JLSF) Fashion Show is always a breathtaking, professionally-produced fashion show produced by Macy’s, full of excitement, and this year’s show at the Fairmont was no exception!

Steve Massocca, Anne Marie Massocca, Larry Hashbarger, Victoria Yeager Sawyer

As one of the premier fundraising events in San Francisco, it has raised millions of dollars for San Francisco and surrounding communities. This year marked the eighty-fourth year that the JLSF has held this special event, making it the longest-running event of its kind in the nation.


Approximately 1,500 guests attended the Lunch and Dinner Fashion Shows. Guests included community and civic leaders, corporate benefactors, individual patrons, celebrities, JLSF members and other supporters.

Candice Macario, Emily Dumitrescu
Courtney Bocci, Michelle Curtis
K.C. Waldron, Seta Arabian, Michelle Curtis
Alex Skillman, Kelly Grimes
Kelly O’Reilly, Kimberly Hooker
Courtney Bocci, Nick Bocci
Junior League Sustainers
Shannon Hvidt, Maria Sullivan, Candice Macario
Jennifer Marples, Alex Skillman, Wendy Simon Armstrong, Michelle Curtis, Karen Stinton, Layne Gray, Sarah Lewis
Gail deMartini, Ron Haan

Junior League of San Francisco’s Mission Statement: The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Paint The Town Red 2010 Gala

The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter recently lit up the night during its annual Paint the Town Red Gala at San Francisco City Hall.

The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter lit up the night during its annual Paint the Town Red Gala at San Francisco City Hall. The spectacular evening dazzled the Bay Area philanthropic and corporate community, bringing together more than 450 guests in a show of support for Red Cross disaster readiness and relief efforts in the Bay Area.

Katherine Pellegrini-Inglin, Ye-Hui Lu

The festivities commenced in the City Hall Rotunda with a cocktail reception featuring hors d’ oeuvres, a vodka bar sponsored by GREY GOOSE® Vodka and select wines courtesy of Gallo Family Vineyards. The cocktail reception sparkled with a vibrant crowd of fashionable guests mingling and taking advantage of the opportunity to support the Red Cross by bidding on silent auction items, including “celebrity survival kits” donated by local personalities like Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, Senator Dianne Feinstein and “Best Sommelier in America 2009” Michael Engelmann.

Kelly Murphy, Ted Murphy

Guests were them treated to an elegant three-course dinner catered by Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in the North Light Court. The gourmet spread was complimented by a rousing live auction where guests bid on fabulous items including a five-day guided Kenyan safari, an Australian adventure, a Miro lithograph, and a dinner of a lifetime prepared by Ryan Scott and other former contestants of Bravo TV’s “Top Chef.”

Beth Schnitzer, Bahya Murad, Fati Farmanfarmaian

After dinner, the evening carried on as guests danced the night away to the music of Livewire. Dominic Phillips Event Marketing staged the City Hall venue to create an elegant ambiance for a perfect evening of celebration.

Fati Farmanfarmaian, Gwyneth Borden

The 2010 Paint the Town Red Gala committee was co-chaired by Roberta Economidis and Kelly Murphy, both long-time supporters of the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. Also celebrating were committee members: Gwyneth Borden, Natasha Chalmers, Ali Cox, Chris Contos, Kelly Grimes, Elizabeth Grillos, Krista Hankinson, Macaire Kilkenny, Ye- Hui Lu, Sarah Lewis, Lindsey Lucero, Kathryn Pellegrini Inglin, Lillian Phan, Kristina Pollak, Michelle Ritchie, Adam Steinhorn and Jessica Swan.

Yasumasa Nagamine, Kelly Murphy, Hiro Ogawa

Among some of the event’s notable guests were representatives from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Peru, the Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, the Slovak Republic and the United Kingdom, along with American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter board chair Susan Atherton and CEO Harold Brooks

Kelly Grimes, Jim Ritchie, Michelle Ritchie

This year’s gala was sponsored in part by generous donations from lead sponsors Citibank and Wells Fargo.

Brian Gustafson, Jane Burkhard
Ye-Hui Lu, Terry Molakides, Sandra Chiodo
Elizabeth Grillos, Emily Dumestricu, Roberta Economidis
Craig Frances, Christine Williams, Hooman Khalili
Raghu Shivaram, Charleston Pierce
Kelly Strain, Scott Harkonen
Atmosphere - by Dominic Phillips
Eric Knapp, Dana Marie Sanchez
Richard Pellegrini, Margaret Hazelrig, Kathryn Pellegrini Inglin
Susan Atherton, Emily White
Seth Rubinstein, Chief Brian Rubinstein
Sally Fowler, Sarah Fowler
Julian Evans, Bahya Murad, Gayle Evans, Marius Carluci
Atmosphere - American red Cross

About the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

As a community-based, humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter provides relief to those affected by disasters and empowers individuals in our community to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. By helping people in the Bay Area learn how to take care of their families and neighbors, the Red Cross strengthens the community and makes it ready for all types of disasters, including home fires, earthquakes, wildfires and health emergencies. Call 1-888-4-HELP-BAY (1-888-443-5722) or visit to learn more.

George Chakra’s Dazzling Collection

Karen Tamblyn attended George Chakra’s runway show for Fall 2010 in New York, and returned with this report.

February 11, 2010: As the Bryant Park tent opened for the first shows of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the Fashion World was still reeling from the news of the passing of an irreverent, unforgettable, fashion icon, designer Alexander McQueen. The news was devastating and brought a solemn tone in counterpoint to the excitement of the beginning of the Fashion Season. Personally, I was in state of a shock as I was preparing to take off to New York.

This year’s Fashion Week was always going to be memorable. It was also always going to be a bit sad. But for different reasons. Rather than being a memorable event because of it being the last year the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was going to take place in Bryant Park, instead it became a day to be remembered as the saddest day in the history of fashion.

Visitor’s to McQueen’s Manhattan store placed flowers and notes to commemorate his passing and express their sense of loss. McQueen was expected to present his latest collection on March 9 during Paris Fashion Week.

“We are devastated to learn of the death of Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest talents of his generation. He brought a uniquely British sense of daring and aesthetic fearlessness to the global stage of fashion. In such a short career, Alexander McQueen’s influence was astonishing-from street style to music culture and the world’s museums. His passing marks an insurmountable loss,” read a statement by Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

The Fashion World lost a young talented artist, known for his exquisite couture-quality gowns and over-the-top theatrical fashion presentations. He was innovative, a renegade and a revolutionary. He was also controversial. His repertoire was admired by some, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes, and Penelope Cruz among them but also criticized by others. McQueen pushed boundaries like no other. His legacy will live on forever!

In Front of The Manhattan Alexander McQueen Store

February 13, 2010: It’s been two days since the tragic loss of our iconic designer, Alexander McQueen, but the show goes on. The Fashion crowd gathered at Bryant Park to attend some of the most anticipated shows of the week today: George Chakra, Andy & Debb, Adam, Academy of Art University and Project Runway Six Season winner Irina Shabayeva.

George Chakra Runway Show at the Promenade in Bryant Park

In the midst of a freezing day, I attended the Edition by George Chakra fashion show at the Promenade. His collection dazzled the runway of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. He presented a total of 42 looks including a mix of beautiful cocktail dresses, asymmetrical, and strapless evening-wear with nude inserts, reverse tuxedo cocktail dresses and coats, lace pantsuits and an amazing wedgewood blue, double-face mohair, off-the-shoulder sweater, which was one of my favorite pieces….the off-the-shoulder mohair sweater was sexy, but yet chic…..I could have worn that on my trip…It was so cold, and of course my closet is just full of mini dresses and mini furs…LOL!
Mohair Off-Shoulder Top

Red Cocktail Dress with Black Grosgrain

Boat Neck Silver Dress

Silver Asymmetrical Dress With Nude Inserts

Asymmetrical Lame Gown

The Lebanese designer’s collection was dominated by vibrant reds, blues, blacks, metallic and futuristic silvers in materials like chiffon, crepe, mink silk, velvet and lame. The focus of his collection, without any doubt, was excessiveness within bounds. I, of course, was not the only one from the West Coast. Many San Francisco Fashionistas were seen around: Kelly Grimes, Rachel Lena Esterline, Marcy Carmack, Joel Goodrich, Mark Calvano and Bahya Oumlil-Murad were among the attendees.

Joel Goodrich, George Chakra, Bahya Murad, Mark Calvano, Karen Tamblyn

BVLGARI Opens Union Square Store

BVLGARI celebrated the grand opening of its largest store in the U.S. with a magnificent in-store event attended by 350 VIP clients, media and other guests.

bulgari san francisco

A Guest Tries on a BVLGARI Necklace

BVLGARI celebrated the grand opening of its largest store in the U.S. with a magnificent in-store fete on March 2, 2010, hosted by Nicola Bulgari, Vice Chairman and grandson of founder Sotirio Bulgari, and USA Managing Director, Veronica Trenk.

As one of the most anticipated social events of the season, it was covered by media throughout the country including Women’s Wear Daily, Fashion Week Daily,, Haute Living,, SFBayStyle, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

charlotte schultz

Charlotte Schultz (in Chanel) with Nicola Bulgari

Guests at the spectacular Union Square event numbered over 350, and included Mayor Gavin Newsom, Dede Wilsey, Denise Hale, Vanessa Getty, Willie Brown and Sonya Molodetskaya, Marissa Mayer and Zack Bogue, Tatiana and Serge Sorokko, Alan Malouf, Bita Daryabari, Kate Harbin, Alexis Traina, Alex Mehran Jr. and Maggie Rizer, Sloan and Roger Barnett, Cameron Silver, Maria Manetti Farrow, and OJ and Gary Shansby, JUST to name a few.

marissa mayer

Marissa Mayer is Assisted by a BVLGARI Representative

Grey Goose cocktails, inspired by BVLGARI’s signature fragrances, were served at the event as VIPs and guests explored the gorgeous new store, while enjoying music from The Patrick Wolff Trio and DJ Max Chipchase.

cameron phleger

Cameron Phleger Sparkles at the BVLGARI Counter

Barbara Brookins-Schneider, Chief Justice Ronald George, Barbara George

Barbara Brookins-Schneider, Chief Justice Ronald George, Barbara George

Mayor Gavin Newsom, Daniel Diaz

Mayor Gavin Newsom with BVLGARI’s Daniel Diaz

Jeffrey Weissman, Andrew Fisher

Jeffry Weisman, Andrew Fisher

Grey Goose

Grey Goose Vodka created special BVLGARI cocktails

alexis traina

Alexis Traina and Guests


The Two Daru’s – Daru Kawalkowski

Kay Walker, Sandy Walker, Lucy Jewett

Kay Walker, Sandy Walker, Lucy Jewett

damion matthews

Damion Matthews, Betty Kay Coakley, Joel Goodrich

Unique highlights included a spectacular collection of one-of-a-kind jewels and minaudieres from BVLGARI’s Vintage Archive Collection, all of which were on-display at the brand’s 125th anniversary retrospective exhibition in Rome; the personalization of a special accessory; the assembly of the Sotiro Bulgari watch and a breathtaking diamond and sapphire parue; as well as a private screening in the VIP lounge of some of BVLGARI’s most treasured Hollywood moments.

As for fashion, the evening had several major moments: Cameron Silver in his eye-catching Alexander McQueen, Vanessa Getty in vintage (we think Halston, but didn’t catch the name), Sonya Molodetskaya in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta, Mireille Schwartz in a new design by Karen Caldwell, Tatiana Sorokko in architectural Ralph Rucci, Elizabeth Touw and Kate Harbin in Prada, Lindsay Bolton in Marchesa, and Marissa Mayer in exquisitely embroidered Naeem Khan.

marissa mayer

Marissa Mayer (in Naeem Khan), with husband Zach Bogue

maggie rizer

Maggie Rizer (in Marc Jacobs) with Tatiana Sorokko (in Ralph Rucci)

Maggie Rizer with Alex Mehran, Jr.

vanessa getty

Vanessa Getty (in vintage)

patrick herning

Patrick Herning with Juliet de Baubigny (in Alexander McQueen)

Mark Rhoades, Mireille Schwartz (in Karen Caldwell) with Oliver and Karen Caldwell (in Galanos)

Bill Brady, Allison Speer and Troy Griepp

Troy and Angelique Griepp (in Monique Lhuillier)

patrick barber, melissa barber

Patrick Barber and Melissa Barber

Afsaneh Akhtari

Rob Van Es and Afsaneh Akhtari

Sobia Shaikh, Elisa Goldblatt

Sobia Shaikh (in Roland Mouret) and Elisa Goldblatt

Barbara Brown (in Giambattista Valli) and Karen Tamblyn (in Ache)

Kate Harbin (in Prada) and Suzanne Levit

Sherri McMullen and Dr. Leslie Delaney

Maria Manetti Farrow, Dorotea Seffer

Maria Manetti Farrow and Dorotea Seffer

Michelle Curtis, Kelly Grimes

Michelle Curtis and Kelly Grimes

Jeana Toney, Jenna Hunt, Elizabeth Thieriot

Jeana Toney, Jenna Hunt and Elizabeth Thieriot

Bita Daryabari, Anahita Afshar

Bita Daryabari and Anahita Afshar

Allison Pinkus, Elizabeth Touw

Allison Pinkus and Elizabeth Touw (in Prada)

Lindsay Bolton, Carol Bonnie

Lindsay Bolton (in Marchesa) and Carol Bonnie

Lana Adair, Jessica Moment and Sally Fowler

Lisa Alexander, Patrick Perigaud, Marcy Carmack

Lisa Alexander and Patrick Perigaud with Marcy Carmack

Mitchell Benjamin, Ricky Serbin

Mitchell Benjamin and Ricky Serbin

Cameron Silver

Cameron Silver (in Alexander McQueen)

Marilyn Cabak, Michael Cabak

Marilyn Cabak (holding Jack), and Michael Cabak

James Long, Lonna Wais

James Long and Lonna Wais

Willie Brown, Sonya Molodetskaya

Willie Brown and Sonya Molodetskaya (in Oscar de la Renta)

Justin Fichelson, Cameron Phleger

Justin Fichelson and Cameron Phleger

Jorge Maumer, Bahya Murad

Jorge Maumer and Bahya Murad

Steven Dinkelspiel, Nadine Weil

Steven Dinkelspiel and Nadine Weil

Katya Sorokko, Greg Spencer

Katya Sorokko (in Fendi), and Greg Spencer

linda gordon

Linda Gordon and Mark Rhoades

Sloan Barnett, Denise Hale, Nicola Bulgari

Sloan Barnett (in Gucci and Leger), Denise Hale (in Ralph Rucci) and Nicola Bulgari

oj shansby

Gary and OJ Shansby (in Chanel… and yes, she wore it best)

Photos: Drew Altizer []

Scenes of Style: Ballet 2010

On January 20th, the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary hosted Silver Celebration honoring Helgi Tomasson’s 25 years as Artistic Director, and launching SF Ballet’s 2010 season.

Brooke Taylor, Anjelika Deogirikar

On January 20th, the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary hosted Silver Celebration honoring Helgi Tomasson’s 25 years as Artistic Director, and launching SF Ballet’s 2010 season. It was a beautiful event and performance, and created real excitement about this, the 77th repertory season.

The real brilliance of the Ballet is on stage, but as we perused Drew Altizer’s photos from the night we were impressed by the easy, glamorous style of San Francisco’s cultural supporters.

Nicola Miner

We love how people dress for this evening each year. Symphony style has a conservative formality that can make people seem stiff and uncomfortable; Opera style is about the big dramatic statement (stunning, but sometimes overpowering to the wearer); but Ballet style is all about the body looking beautiful in movement. Here we present our favorite looks of the night, worn by these men and women as they enjoy the evening, looking wonderful while suffused by the energy of dance.

Michelle Renee

Karen Caldwell

Robin Goldman, Gail Bradley

Marissa Mayer (SF Ballet Board of Trustee), Katie Schwab

Zachary Bogue and Ken Paige

Jennifer Fick, Brenda Zarate, Lindsey Shook

Joel Goodrich, Brenda Zarate

Pamela Joyner (SF Ballet Board of Trustee Emeritus)

Suzy Kellems Dominik (SF Ballet Board of Trustee), Jennifer Raiser, Judy Singer

Laurie Sharp (Gala Chair)

Deepa Pakianathan in Blumarine

Barry Shotts, Kelly Grimes

Angelique Griepp

Alexandra Siliezar, Sarah Heidkamp

Grant Hill, Francein Hansen

Michael Nichols, Robin Farmanfarmaian

Clara Shayevich

Marius Carluci in Prada, Bahya Murad

Yurie Pascarella, with Akiko Yamazaki in Colleen Quen

Kathy Ramos, Ken McNeely

Suzanne Moller

Sloan Barnett, Randi Fisher, Roger Barnett

Anjelika Deogirikar, Kristen Marsh, Monica Floeck, Karena Akhavein

Photos: Drew Altizer []

Holiday Heroes

This year the Wender Weis Foundation for Children (WWFC) introduced “Holiday Heroes” to the Bay Area by moving its annual “Halloween Heroes” event during the holiday season.

Santa Claus with Joy Bianchi

This year the Wender Weis Foundation for Children (WWFC) introduced “Holiday Heroes” to the Bay Area by moving its annual “Halloween Heroes” event to December 7, 2009 during the holiday season.

Held at the charming Golden Gate Club in the San Francisco Presidio, the event gave children and families the opportunity to meet local sports athletes while enjoying a winter wonderland of children’s games and activities. The annual event, in its 13th year, aims to offer a one-of-a-kind holiday experience to underprivileged children, supporting a number of local children’s charities.

claudia ross, andrea schnitzer

Andrea Schnitzer and Claudia Ross

The festive fundraiser kicked off with a VIP reception for the Foundation’s most generous contributors hosted by US Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi and her husband, NHL Great Bret Hedican.

kristi yamaguchi

Bret Hedican and Kristi Yamaguchi

Celebrity athletes in attendance included San Francisco 49ers players Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis and Brian Jennings, Jon Alston and Chris Morris of the Oakland Raiders, Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants, Joe Cannon, Chris Leitch and Ryan Johnson of the San Jose Earthquakes, and many more. Kristi Yamaguchi and Bret Hedican joined in the fun to explore the activities with their family and snap photos with adoring fans.

Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Kristi Yamaguchi, Brian Wilson, Raj Mathai

Patricia Ferrin Loucks and Charles Loucks joined Stacey and Christopher Caen as chairpersons of this year’s Holiday Heroes, with former chairpersons Susan Solinsky Duryea & Paul Duryea and Lori Puccinelli Stern & Peter Stern returning to the event as Honorary Chairs.

Amy Wender and Cheryl Jennings

Proceeds from the event will benefit Junior Giants Baseball Program, and a variety of other local children’s charities including the 49ers Academy, Always Dream Foundation, Holy Family Day Home, Raphael House, Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco, and the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center. The Wender Weis Foundation worked with each beneficiary to sponsor 200 underprivileged children and their families to attend the event and join in the holiday spirit.

Kelly Grimes and Barry Shotts

Brian Wilson and Kate Coffino

Shannon Cronan and Dan Cronan

Patty Rock and Brian Wilson

Kristi Yamaguchi and Hooman Khalili

Tiffeny Millbrett and Ryan Johnson

Julie Veronese and Joe Alioto Veronese

Denise Zanze and Betsy Dohrmann

Undyne Stafford and Terry Stafford

Photos: Drew Altizer []

Want It!

Saks Fifth Avenue recently showcased their must-have looks for Fall 2009 in a fashion show presented by Marcy Carmack entitled “Want It!”

saks fifth avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue recently showcased their must-have looks for Fall 2009 in a fashion show presented by Marcy Carmack entitled “Want It!”

marcy carmack

Marcy Carmack

Marcy is the professional stylist who owns Chic Wardrobe Solutions in San Francisco, which she founded 6 years ago after moving here from New York. At the event she showed some of the most important looks of the season while guests of San Francisco Luxury Living enjoyed a breakfast of passed bites and bellinis.

Lisa Alexander, Jacques Pantazes, Lindsay Bolton

Lisa Alexander, Jacques Pantazes, Lindsay Bolton

Karen Clopton, Damion Matthews, Lisa Alexander

Karen Clopton, Damion Matthews, Lisa Alexander

Elizabeth Touw, Deepa Pakianathan

Elizabeth Touw, Deepa Pakianathan

Therese Post, Alex Chases

Therese Post, Alex Chases

Jacques Pantazes, Therese Post

Jacques Pantazes, Therese Post

Grant Gibson, Suzanna Allen, Karen Clopton

Grant Gibson, Suzanna Allen, Karen Clopton

Keylee Sanders, Eizabeth Touw, Kelly Grimes

Keylee Sanders, Eizabeth Touw, Kelly Grimes

Karen Clopton, Ann Seymour, Susan Boedy

Karen Clopton, Ann Seymour, Susan Boedy

Jennifer Raiser, Alex Chases, Jenna Hunt

Jennifer Raiser, Alex Chases, Jenna Hunt

Ann Seymour, Timothy Wiliamson

Ann Seymour, Timothy Williamson

marcy carmack, jennifer raiser

Marcy Carmack, Jennifer Raiser

So what are the “Want It!” looks you’re going to want? Saks has broken the most important pieces down into some simple buzz phrases:

For women the season is about a strong shoulder, a cozy knit, leggings, a great “Forever Bag,” a rocker boot, a chic loop for the neck, a mixed metal necklace, some sexy shapewear underneath it all, and perhaps most importantly a laquered lip (Chanel is a favorite.)

saks fifth avenue

saks fifth avenue

saks fifth avenue

saks fifth avenue

saks fifth avenue

saks fifth avenue

saks fifth avenue

For men, the season is about a checkered shirt, a sweater coat, a transformer jacket and a classic wingtip broque, which suddenly looks hip and new.

saks fifth avenue

saks fifth avenue

Sponsored by MasterCard, the Want It! presentation showed that of all the wonderful options we have in San Francisco, it is always Saks Fifth Avenue that can be relied upon for making it easy for the fashionable shopper to make smart choices season after season.

saks fifth avenue

Further Information: Marcy Carmack []
Shopping: Want It! []
Photos: Drew Altizer []

San Francisco “Fashion Week”

Take a look at the 70 most impressive looks from the San Francisco Symphony and Opera galas.

Spike & Annie Previews Fall Collection

Designer Lisa Alexander recently previewed the new fall collection of Spike & Annie, her fantastically successful children’s line, at the beautiful home of friend Lindsay Bolton. The San Francisco-based entrepreneur and community activist donated a percentage of sales from the evening to Pets Unlimited.

Claudia Ross, Lisa Alexander, Joy Bianchi and friend (left)

Designer Lisa Alexander recently previewed the new fall collection of Spike & Annie, her fantastically successful children’s line, at the beautiful home of friends Lindsay and George Bolton. The San Francisco-based entrepreneur and community activist donated a percentage of sales from the evening to Pets Unlimited.

Joy Bianchi and Lindsay Bolton

The event was a lovely opportunity for friends and customers to catch up with Lisa, who has been traveling like mad due to the worldwide popularity of the line (Spike & Annie, produced in Bali, can be found in luxury stores from Palm Beach to Dubai!)

The collection is especially popular in Hollywood, worn by the children of Sarah Jessica Parker, Debra Messing, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and many others.

Ashley and Noa Berman with Danielle Goodman

The new fall/winter collection features delectable new hues including chocolate browns and slay grays, unparallel facets such as bone and wood buttons, irresistible pieces like the Shelby dress, a corduroy mini-shift dress fully lined with pocket and bow detailing, or the Francisco shirt in all-natural linen and embroidery detailing.

Elizabeth Touw, Lisa Alexander, Lisa Edwards and Jennifer Snyder

Sales were high at the event, which made for a nice donation to Pets Unlimited on Fillmore Street, a non-profit critical care veterinary hospitial and no-kill shelter (we like that!). Pets Unlimited Trustee/Board Members Elizabeth Touw and Jennifer Browne Snyder were at the event, along with Board President Lisa Edwards, who presented Lisa Alexander with a certificate in honor of her support.

Elizabeth Touw (in a laser-cut Chloe), chats with Melissa Barber

For those who wanted to learn more about Pets Unlimited, Elizabeth Touw has invited people to join a Facebook group where friends can get more information, donate to the cause, and connect with other supporters. You can also get more information at the organization’s official site,

Hilary Armstrong and Dede Wilsey

Daru Kawalkowski, Natalia Urrutia and Maria Ehmer

Joel Goodrich and Mireille Schwartz

Dede Wilsey browsing the collection with designer Lisa Alexander

Marybeth LaMotte and Regina Callan

Kelly Grimes and Joel Goodrich

Lisa Alexander, Justin Fichelson and Keylee Sanders

Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2009

See our report from inside this year’s Mid Winter Gala, which had an Andy Warhol theme to it, in appreciation of the wonderful “Warhol Live” exhibit at the de Young.

Marie Louise Hom and actress Connie Nielsen

There are two gala evenings each year that more-or-less define the San Francisco social world: the opening of the San Francisco Opera in September, and in March the Mid Winter Gala, which benefits the Fine Arts Museums.

Of all events, the Mid-Winter Gala is the evening which seems to invoke the most excitement. Yours truly began hearing mutterings toward the end of 2008 of who was going and, more interestingly, who was not.

By January, high-end stores throughout the City like Neiman-Marcus and Susan, or designers such as Lily Samii, Joseph Domingo and Azadeh, had already set aside gowns for their favorite clients. Should one wear long or short, formal or fun, big gems or costume jewelry?

Diana Britt, Zem Joaquin and Claudia Ross wore long.
Hillary Armstrong and Kimberly Sesnon did short.

Trusted fashion advisors, like Neiman’s Vicki Winston, ensured none of her ladies bought the same dress. John Hadeed of Torso Vintages scoured his sources for the most rare vintage pieces to guarantee that his clients were unique. And Vanessa Getty wore the most exclusive design of all — her own! Fashion is important at this event — it’s the place to be seen, but only if one looks fabulous!

(For our list of the evening’s “Fifteen Fabulous Looks” click here.)

John and Lucy Buchanan, with Kathryn Lasater and Alexis Traina

Fashion fun aside, it’s ultimately an evening of great importance to the enrichment of San Francisco’s cultural life, for the money raised supports programs of the Fine Arts Museums. We are told that this year’s event, chaired by Trevor Traina and Vanessa Getty, raised approximately $250,000.

Kathryn Lasater, Trevor Traina and Allison Speer

William and Vanessa Getty (earrings by Bulgari)

Generous sponsors, including First Republic Bank, Sotheby’s, Bulgari and PG&E, donated $80,000, thanks to the tireless work of gala co-chairs Allison Speer and Kathryn Lasater. In this economic environment, it’s not easy to get corporate sponsorship, so it’s a testament to their belief in the Fine Arts Museums that they lent their support.

Aubert Vanderlinden, Marcy Karpowitz, Kelly Grimes, Keylee Sanders, Sobia Shaikh, Justin Fichelson

Lia Aaron, Kimberly Miller and Andrea Schnitzer

This glamorous and fun event brought together 400 of the Bay Area’s young art patrons and leaders, including Lars Ulrich, Stephan Jenkins, Maxx Traina, Nicola Miner and Robert Anderson, Damion Smith, Kate Harbin, Jennifer and Doug Biederbeck, Juliet and Andre de Baubigny, Jeana Toney and Boris Putnanec, Becca Prowda, Daniel Lurie, Kendall and Gardner Robinson, Victoire and Owsley Brown, Christina and Jad Dunning, Summer Tompkins, Kelly Phleger Johnson and Don Johnson, Vandy Boudreau, Elizabeth and Paul Touw, Lisa and Jim Zanze, Amber Marie Bently, Lisa Sardegna, Allyson Jackson, Brad Harrington, Brian Wilsey, Stanlee Gatti, Peter Svennilson, Kim Miller and Michael Polenske, and Dr. Jordan Shlain, among others.

Drew Altizer and his team of photographers were there to take the exclusive shots from the evening, which you see here.

Stephanie Unger and Maxx Traina

Shannon Bavaro with Co-Sponsor Jordan Shlain, MD

Co-sponsor Amber Marie Bently in Pucci

Kate Harbin, Evie Simon and Cynthia Pillsbury

Kathryn Lasater, William Freeman and Kathryn Freeman

David Carrillo and Lisa Sardegna

Donna Hoghooghi in Lily Samii

Lindsay Bolton

Patrice Lovato and Kate Chung

Taylor Nagle and Jennifer Nagle

Melissa Barber and Alan Malouf

Lisa Grotts andKelly Shuda

Brad Harrington and Alyson Jackson

Steven Hawthornthwaite with Erin Hawthornthwaite in Isaac Mizrahi

Matt Paige and Katie Schwab

Sobia Shaikh with Lisa Alexander in a dress of her own design

Shell Cardon and Craig Cardon

Helene de Baubigny and John Golob

Isha Abdullah

Dawn Dzedzy of Saks Fifth Avenue (right)

Daniel Diaz, Katherine Banks and Alan Malouf

Trevor Traina, Don Johnson, Summer Tompkins Walker

Victoria Reiser and Alex Chases

Ricky Serbin and Lucy Buchanan

Fred Moll and Allison Speer

Monica Maduro and Simon Cheffens

Andre and Juliet de Baubigny (in Azzedine Alaia), with Trevor Traina

Marie Louise Hom and Marc Hom

Kelly Phleger Johnson and Don Johnson

The dinner, catered by Taste, had a Warhol-themed menu, in keeping with the de Young’s “Warhol Live” exhibit: “Campbell’s” tomato soup with little grilled cheese sandwiches, followed by Cornflake-crusted fried Fulton Valley chicken, organic Yukon Gold potato & buttermilk mash, Bloomsdale spinach, baby french carrots, parsley, lemon & caper jus. Waiters wore wigs in homage to Andy Warhol.

Donald Van der Marcke and Summer Tompkins Walker

Afsaneh Akhtari with Joel Goodrich (in Chanel’s mens collection)

Fariba Rezvani, Jorge Maumer and Isha Abdullah

Allison Speer said that “The most memorable part of the night was when the whole party hit the dance floor for Wonderbread Five. They are a fantastic funk band! I have never seen our group get up so fast.” Another partier told us she especially enjoyed the music, which was from the Studio 54 era of the 1970s and ’80s. “It was like prom, seriously, since there were no Gen ‘Y-ers’ and all the Gen X-ers were present,” she said. “It was great rocking out to the 80s!”

Patrick Barber of Sotheby’s (the Event Sponsor), with wife Melissa Barber

Rexanne Martin and Jill Hetherington

  • Further Reading: Fifteen Fabulous Looks []
  • Honorary Chairs: Vanessa Getty and Trevor Traina
  • Co-Chairs: Allison Speer and Kathryn Lasater
  • Premiere Event Sponsor: Bulgari
  • Event Sponsor: Sotheby’s
  • Co-Sponsor: Amber Marie Bently Jewelry
  • Co-Sponsor: Bentley San Francisco
  • Co-Sponsor: PG&E
  • Co-Sponsor: Private Medical Services by Jordan Shlain MD
  • Alcohol Sponsors: GREY GOOSE Vodka, and Swanson Vineyards.
  • Music: Wonderbread Five
  • Photography: Drew Altizer